Day 1, Landing in Guyana

Day 2, Trip to the Ianna Exploration Camp

Public transportation from Georgetown to Parika

Public transportation from Parika to Supenaam

Taxi from Supenaam to Charity

Rice Fields on the way

Arriving to Charity

Meeting Barry, our private boat Captain

Purchasing supply for the Camp

Getting Gas on the Pomeroon River

Quick stop at a boat builder, Barry is checking his new boat

Starting the seven hours boat trip to Ianna Exploration Camp

Stopping for more supply

Refueling Guyana Style

Arriving to Mafia Landing at Ianna Exploration Camp

Transporting supply to the camp

Ianna Exploration Camp

Living at the camp

Day 3, Visiting the neighbor camps and Gold Mining

Mike camp and Gold Mining

Gold Veins

Smith Lending

Local Boat builder

New 3000fit Air Strip 2 km from our camp

Mike Landing (this boat can carry 20ft container)

Day 4, Back to Georgetown

2 ZIM containers 18km from the camp in the middle of nowhere

Jerry Landing, Gas Station and Supermarket.

Traffic on the river

Some engine problems

Back to Charity

Public transportation from Supenaam to Parika

My office and apartment in Georgetown

Day 7, Going back to NYC